Stand Alone's

Potion Perfect

I thought I was smart, a seventeen-year-old college sophomore borders on genius. But a viral photo and bullies crushed my trusting and naïve heart.

Then an old gypsy gave me hope and I began to believed love might be possible.

He wormed his way into my heart, unwilling to give up. My friendship with Kohl Black evolved allowing him to break down my walls. But the basketball star and the geek only ends well in a fairy tale. He crushed my heart and showed me everything I believed and trusted was a complete lie. 

He was a lie.

I ran, hiding from a world set on my destruction.

Now, I’m back. I’ve returned to the scene of the pain. He let me run once, he won’t let it happen again.


She hides underneath layers of frumpy clothes trying to be invisible but I see the perfection gleaming from the inside, shining like a beacon on the outside. 

She’s everything I want, the person I crave.

She’s been defeated by lies and hatred. I will show her she’s so much more. I’ll find a way to make her mine.

I had her. I held everything in my arms. 

Deceit ripped her away from me so long ago, now she’s back and I’ll tie her to the bed, if I have to, but I refuse to lose her again.​


What she doesn’t remember might be what kills her.


Six months ago, two good Samaritans discovered Coralyne James beaten and near death along the side of a country road.


On the verge of eviction with medical debt mounting, an opportunity of a lifetime arrives in her inbox. A job with the book world’s best-selling author; the elusive and anonymous Blayne Ravyn.


But when an offer seems too good to be true, it usually is.


Three months trapped in the deep snow of Valdez, Alaska, within the walls of Ravyn Manor. Something about the job and the man offering it, Maxwell Hough, beckons.


The secrets of the past and that night lurk at the edge of her mind. Life as Coralyne James doesn’t feel right and when she discovers a series of recordings revealing the truth about Blayne Ravyn, the exploding puzzle pieces explain why.


When the damn breaks and memories spiral forward, Coralyne may never escape the horrors of the Ravyn’s nest.


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