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Once upon a time Snowy Whitaker lived the dream life. Prince Charming style husband, two kids, white picket fence and a life spent with her head buried in the sand.

The quintessential picturesque fairytale.

Her prince turned out to be a criminal frog who looks wonderful in stripes. But now she’s homeless, penniless and begging on the doorstep of the one place she swore to never return.

The palace owned by her wicked stepmother.

She’ll do whatever it takes to get out her dungeon, even if it means showing a little skin.

Happy with his single life, Royal Princeps is blown away by the shy, quiet woman with the huge doe eyes who crashes into him while visiting the seven brothers he met in college. But nothing stuns him more than the new web show his buddies are talking about.

She needs the money, he wants her. One relationship built on secrets and lies is all Snowy can handle so Royal may be her true White Knight but the skeletons in their closets could destroy it all.

*Inspired by Snow White
**Never After is a fairytale parody novella infused with slap-stick humor, curse words and everything that can go wrong when your happy ever after takes a sharp turn sideways.

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Got Horns?

Mallory F’Cent learned early having bold, thick curling pointy parts sprouting from your head draws attention even in a town full of extraordinary people. Being the product of a randy handsome dead-beat-dad ogre and a helicopter hovering fairy godmother only compounds her internal issues.

She loves her troubled students, encouraging them out of their shells while she stays within her love for all things from the greatest decade of all time. The swoony hearts of eighties romantic comedies and the real sound of great rock music is where she loves to hide .

Stefan Knight wants a fresh start where no one knows his family and he can impart his love for history on young teenage minds. Meeting Mal only solidifies his choice.

He knows she’s hiding something under those twisting buns and fashionable head wraps. When a misunderstanding puts him in the path of her beautiful wrath he still refuses to believe there isn’t a halo hiding above that cartilage.

*Not So Wicked is full length sexy fairytale inspired by Maleficent and The Little Mermaid.


Hercules ‘Les’ Galen has one goal. Get his surly best friend out of his wheelchair and back on his feet so he can quit doing double duty as the towns police and fire chief.

Meghan Creon’s running from a past she hopes will never find her, hiding away in the small town of Farawayville. Her nursing nature puts her right in the path of the obnoxiously hot town playboy.

She thwarts his charming smolder until in a moment of weakness she devises a plan to put him to the test. In true mythological fashion she tasks him with his namesakes twelve labors, modern style, for one date.

Meg thinks he’ll never accept the challenge but Les wants her heart and nothing will stop his quest to get it.

*Inspired by Hercules
**Each book in The Fairytale Fantasy Series is a stand alone romantic comedy with slap stick humor and holy moly craziness.

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