From award winning author Billie Dale comes a second chance love story muddling the line between love and hate. As young love goes Joey and Preslee were perfect but nothing last forever and the world is ready for the taking. Dale’s sassy wit shines in comedic fashion with Say You’ll Be There, book two in Love in Seven Mile Forge.


At sixteen, Joey Holmes handed me his heart.


At eighteen, I threw it at the Now Leaving Seven Mile Forge sign on my way out of town.


A silly teenage game of seven minutes in heaven spiraled us from friends to more.


We shared our firsts. Loved with the innocence of immaturity.


I wanted out. A fresh start far away from our tiny home town. Joey didn’t care where we were so long as we were together. I couldn’t spread my wings without clipping his. My heart told me I was doing what was best when I left him broken in my rearview mirror.


With a threat breathing down my neck, I’m forced to return home but Joey isn’t the skinny boy I knew. Nope, now he’s the sexiest Chief of Police in three states and he hates the very air I breathe.


Can the hot cop keep me safe from the danger lurking in the shadows or will the bleached bones of the skeletons in my closet be our tragic end?

Book 2 in Love in Seven Mile Forge.
New Adult Series of Standalone’s.
Series inspired by The Spice Girls.

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Coming 10/01/2020


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